where have all the sundays gone?

new digs

you’re looking at our new home.

it’s been a while, we know, and we’ve missed you, and we’re sorry. we’ve been busy moving in.

and yet it would seem that in our absence the world continued to rotate and revolve:

isr 159i had a pleasant chat with indie spinner rack‘s charlito on the floor at mocca, and it was included in the second of their three festival episodes. the show features interviews with several stellar cartoonists among which we are honored to find ourselves, but we’d still rather you didn’t actually go listen to it, because we sound like a fucking squirrel. a kinda pretentious squirrel.

richard krauss reviewed the oubliette comics at the poopsheet foundation.

carrie try harder reviewed “prologue” at inkstuds.

midnightmiss midnight, boy blue’s d-girl, scored herself a full-page spread in swedish cartoonist johan jergner-ekervik‘s travel journal. johan posts a new page every day or two, and at present he has returned relatively unscathed (mocca notwithstanding) from new york and is on his way to rome for another festival. but rest assured, even the pages that aren’t about my cat are a genuine pleasure to read.

sharing the spotlight in said journal is the brilliant, doucet-esque-but-sunnier frida ulvegren, who has just completed a series of 17 monsters-of-the-day on her ‘blog. yes, you’re following: a different brilliant, creepy little creature (roughly) every day for seventeen days. those of you with a facility for math can confirm monster of the daythat the ‘blogging world is, by extension, now seventeen times more awesome than it was a few weeks ago.

frida also sent us an amazing comic of hers called hunger, about a farmer trying to feed his family, that is literally wrapped in fur. we’ll tell you all about it in the coming days; at the moment, we’re too busy wondering how we got so lucky that fate should float such people our way.

falling rocka new season of smile-inducing absurdity has begun over at falling rock national park. why anyone as estimable as ranger shalek would want to share a table with the likes of us is not entirely clear, but whatever the reason, that is the burden this good man will have to bear come autumn in san francisco.

sock-monster’s loving biographer neil brideau has started a ‘blog. and yes, we agree; that is just what the world needs right now.

○ the long-fabled but never-before-seen first quarterly north brooklyn ‘bloggers banquet burst jubilantly into being last month (by which we mean it hacked open our skull from the inside with a battle ax and climbed out, fully grown, with a will of its own). the meal was both prepared and recounted communally, and so you will have to click around a bit to get the full story. tanveerrecipes and culinary musings can be found on the sites maintained by our chefs (chilled corn and avocado soup on the lovely ride, a cornmeal-cilantro hearth loaf at bread experiment, raspberry-currant-cherry frozen yogurt-topped almond tart at afternoons in tablespoons, and a watermelon-tomato-goat feta salad at the green peugeot). photographs of the festivities (including the one at right, captured by tanveer badal) can be found on atmosphere and in jacob pritchard’s journals, and a ponderous, unfocused rant (with sketches!) can be read here under the haystack. (just keep digging downward and we promise you’ll hit it.)

boy blue logooh, and we built ourselves a new website. it’s not quite as expansive and ornate as our last place, but the plumbing is way way better. plus, there’s a lot more to do in this neighborhood, like read comics or buy comics even though you can read them for free, or follow the day-to-day minutiae of our scribbly little lives.

[ we’ve installed a modified version of cody lindley’s elegant thickbox script, so that interested parties can observe the aforementioned minutiae in considerably greater detail than ever before. click on a castle for a demonstration. ]

so this is our cozy new sketchbook ‘blog. make yourself at home; we think you’ll like it here. sure, there are still boxes piled up in the corners, and the utilities aren’t really hooked up just yet, and, like any landlord, we’re probably not being entirely forthcoming when we assure you that everything will be sorted out in a week or so.

but we’ve got pretty pictures on the walls and witty banter around the dinner table (metaphorically speaking, of course, since the table’s still in storage and we’ve been eating on the floor (and honestly, that thing is too bulky for this space anyway)), and nothing would make us happier than for you to come sit on our speakers and keep us company while we paint the walls and build the shelves and get the rest of everything in order.

it’s simple, we know, and small, but the location is just right.

new digs



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