exit alli

alli on exit

alli left yesterday for johannesburg. girlcate made oatmeal chocolate chip coconut cookies and we ran them through the rain. we sat on suitcases drinking wine out of waterglasses while alli loaded our bags with leftover pasta and jars of things. it was that kind of day.

i met alli when i was working as set bartender, and she as set mom, on the blacklist. (whatever it is we are paid to do, these are the jobs we actually perform.) now she’s off to help launch the kinetic arts collective in south africa, and the bar is about to get crowded.


  1. dory says:

    I didn’t know you worked on the Blacklist! I enjoyed that one (it played at the doc film fest I used to work at). Neat!

    • boy blue says:

      well i didn’t know you worked at a film festival. which?

      it was a fun job, and pretty amazing to be in the room for some of those interviews.

      • dory says:

        It was Hot Docs, the Toronto International Documentary Film festival. It was a fun job too, except when it wasn’t. I can only imagine how those interviews went–Elvis did such a good job of erasing his presence from them when they became monologues.


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