somebody got married

wedding sickness

look, don’t take this personally, but weddings aren’t really my thing. which is not to say that i didn’t enjoy your wedding, nor to preclude ever having one of my own. they just tend in general to inspire a lot of political reservations and emotional discomforts in me, and i usually spend the bulk of any given ceremony applying inferred numerical values to each item on the program and attempting to calculate as precisely as possible the time remaining until the bar opens.

but this occasion was, by all accounts and any measure, exceptional. ‘quelyn and gary‘s marriage was not merely the geekiest union i have ever witnessed (a superlative i bestow readily despite having once attended a wedding alongside the stay-puft marshmallow man), but also the most idiosyncratic and personal and touching. the officiant, a recently ordained spiritual humanist, was a close friend of the couple, and constructed his remarks almost entirely of quotations from and references to their favorite movies, shows, and video games. the reading, titled “the rainbow connection,” turned out actually to be a recitation of the lyrics to the rainbow connection. the bride’s vows celebrated the miracle of two collections of action figures become one giant collection of action figures, and the groom’s celebrated the bride as his “best friend in the 80’s teen movie that he finally gets to be with.” The newly married couple recessed through a tunnel of lightsabers held aloft by groomsmen to the thunderously repeated chant of “so say we all,” and took their first dance to “the best is yet to come” as performed by james darren and avery brooks on star trek: deep space nine.

okay, so these are not formalities i would reproduce at my own wedding, if ever such an event were to occur. but not a moment of the proceedings felt archaic or anachronistic or unmotivated; every last detail was thoroughly and undeniably jackee and gaz. and by the time the floor had been opened and the first round of romulan ale drained, everybody knew exactly what they were dancing about.

which is why we looked like this (above) on the train ride back to the city the following morning.


  1. Quelyn says:

    Kenan!!! Wow, what a nice little writeup of our wedding. We are so happy you could share the day with us, and lucky for us nothing went wrong. The whole day went better than I possibly could have expected, it was badass. And when people tell us how much they enjoyed it, it makes us feel super good!! It was scary to share like, EVERYTHING with everyone around you, but totally rewarding too :D I had some personal trepidations with doing things just the way we wanted to. There’s always those hidden obligations to do what you THINK people want. But I just threw my hands up & said “oh well” and we jumped in. It totally worked out. Thanks for writing this very nice & awesome blog entry, stuff like this warms my heart :)

    • boy blue says:

      i’m just psyched i got to witness it.

      my only complaint is that, during the reception, rainbow connection was played by that drunk d.j. instead of by me, on the banjo, in a green collar. i expect this one small detail to be remedied at the vow renewal.