.all’s fair.

E32 exterior

some other folks’ “remixes” of images from tick will be projected this saturday night at theory eventsartcrime 5: fair use party in the east village. the evening is a celebration of emergent art forms that sample, suggest, or otherwise employ pre-existing work, featuring dj’s, photographers, mixed-media artists and others. and i, for one, am excited to see what’s been done with/to/for/about my drawings.

tick will be available at the merch table, which i will be manning alongside painter linda griggs from 9-10. and my good friend nefarious will be downstairs dropping the sickest beats you are likely to hear this or any other winter (seriously). so stop in and say hi and see the sights and hear the sounds and have too much to drink and shake what your momma gave you. in my experience, theory’s parties never disappoint.

artcrime 5: fair use
friday, february 2nd, 2008, 9p.m. – 4a.m.
china 1 antique lounge, 50 avenue b @ 4th street
21+ / no cover