always having dirt to play around in.

dirt to play around in

“the fact is, i don’t know either,” johan replied. “but this sunday night i just thought, this week will be pig week.”

maybe he’s being humble, or maybe it’s true that these festivities were born of johan’s blind faith in his own intuition. regardless, a quick scroll down the clever cartoonist’s blog reveals what a brilliant idea it was. he’s created four (as of this writing; presumably one more is forthcoming) pig-themed illustrations employing four completely different visual languages, each more impressive than the last. if you follow the links to other contributions, you’ll witness this phenomenon repeating itself: shifting styles, strange notions, fun. “the week of pigs” proved to be a kind of vast communal sandbox in which its participants found themselves at liberty to play for playfulness’ sake.

sandcastle season has come and gone, and there are 51 weeks until the next 24-hour comics day. it’s easy to let the weight of expectations press your work into a kind of consistency (the hobgoblin of a cartoonist on a deadline), to conform it to itself. johan is as adventurous an artist as i’ve ever met, and he knows, whether he knows it or not, the utility of an exercise that strips away such parameters. today, the internet is squealing with pretty pink ideas of which it hadn’t yet dreamed a week ago.


  1. Tanveer says:

    They really are taking over! A few posts before yours, I saw this on on my Facebook feed:

  2. Oh Kenan! So beautifully written!
    Yes, Johan truly has the gift of great ideas :)
    I never felt so much love for pigs before! Haha! best week ever! :D