it might as well be sunday

sunday on the train with will

you’re looking at the incredible shrinking sunday times magazine, shown here shriveled out of frame. whatever flaws the changes in format may have introduced, the periodical is becoming an ever-more perfect travel accessory. now, wherever our comic-induced travels may lead us, we know mr. shortz will be on hand, reassuring us, no matter the strangeness of our surroundings and the confusion in our jet-lagged hearts, that the world is full of correct answers, and that we really are almost impossibly clever to have discovered them.

another festival season has reached its inevitable end. there are stories to tell and scenes to paint, and we will, sooner or later, get to them all. for the time being, we want only to say that we enjoyed meeting you, seeing you again, trading you our comics, and happening upon yours, and we can’t wait for next year.

patchwork farms