some days end up here

the oubliette

another day has been banished to the depths of the oubliette. really, it should have been yesterday; that was the kind of earthly rotation that deserves such a fate. but no one ever said time was fair.

the pyramid can be purchased below, or read, in an admittedly less gratifying format, over at foldy comics.

“The first four chapters of The Oubliette are a wonderful experiment in delivery, with beautiful artwork and a story worth telling.”

Richard Krauss for Midnight Fiction [ read more ]

“...a cool and unexpected comic.”

Comicsgirl [ read more ]

“ always with this guy, it ended up being more insightful than anything else.”

Whitey for Optical Sloth [ read more ]

“Rubenstein is on the verge of creating something truly masterful.”

Brian for Stumptown Trade Review [ read more ]

this single-sheet "foldy" comic expands as you read it,
unfolding from its 3" x 2" cover page to a 11" x 8.5" final panel.
black and white • $1.50 (shipping and tax included) • ships within a day or so


  1. Emi Gennis says:

    I’m about to move across the country and jam everything I own in a U-haul this summer, so I found this one particularly gratifying to read.


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