.is it mocca yet?.

i’ll be tabling at the unfathomably awesome (if history serves) mocca art festival this weekend, selling tick and showing off some new stuff and just generally geeking out. you can find me in the ballroom to the left of the main room, right in the middle, sharing a table with my old buddy mike mcghee, recently returned from japan where his mad skills got even madder.

mocca art festival
293 lafayette street, new york
saturday & sunday, 10a.m. – 6 p.m.
$10/day, $15/weekend

seriously, this is pretty much my favorite thing. you should come.


  1. malcolm says:

    kenen, dammit. dont make me dig through my suitcase for your email address. cause i wont. its just not happening.

    i require art. please get in touch.

    xo Malcolm