more mocca, please

why bother, i ask you? shall i fidget and fuss with this feeble language, attempt to render from it an awesomeness words are clearly inadequate to describe? if you saw it, you know, and if you were unable to attend, i don’t wish to compound your regrets.

let me just say, then, that if you remain, for whatever reason, unfamiliar with any of the following, you might want to do something about that:

. MILK TEETH | kate allen .
as beautiful and deranged as its cover suggests with rich, textured watercolors capable of subtle stylistic shifts in the service of different narratives. if the a.m.n.h. and the cloisters had a love child, this would be the kid they adopted back when they thought they were sterile.

. MEDUSA | jessica abston and alex kim .
true to its title, a reflection of and upon that which cannot be faced. the fun here is not only in the book’s accordian format, but also in the integration of the images, which don’t illustrate the poem they accompany but what comes immediately after, the seemingly insurmountable object of the author’s olympian dread.

okay, i only have the third and fourth issues of this story, and i’m not entirely certain what’s going on. but i actually want to hunt down what i’m missing and figure out, which says something. it’s well-drawn and weird and fun, and helps satiate my enormous appetite for talking ducks without detracting from my scene points.

. UNINOODLE | aaron renier .
not that you need me to tell you that this guy makes good comics, but in this mini, we get to see him work in a number of different styles, from sketchy and willfully vague recollections of dreamed events to the cleaner, clearer, yet somehow less vivid waking hours that follow them. it’s fun.

. CARL’S LARGE STORY | marcos perez .
i actually burst into peels of laughter in the midst of a crowded commuter train to poughkeepsie while reading the second issue. musical animal ensembles, jersey-girl groupies, mad scientists, foxy spies, strongmen, villainy, and crazy talk; this comic ffreakin’ rules.

more to come. i’m still reading.

jackee and gary buy a comic

i try not to get falafel all over jackee and gary’s newly purchased copy of tick. photo: c.j.



  1. […] there are changes afoot, most notably the size of the show and its reportedly spacious new digs, so it’s hard to know just what to expect.  but if history tells us anything, it is surely this: whatever the weather, mocca will rock. […]