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the oubliette

the oubliette is now open. to be updated monthly, in theory, but you don’t want to set your clock by it, okay?

the first issue, prologue, can be read over at the five-page folded mini-comic and/or purchased below. it starts out very small and ends up pretty big. cool, right?

“The first four chapters of The Oubliette are a wonderful experiment in delivery, with beautiful artwork and a story worth telling.”

Richard Krauss for Midnight Fiction [ read more ]

“...a tiny thing with a great story, and the awkward dialogue is a marvel for anybody who’s ever gotten in over their head while talking to a crush.”

Whitey for Optical Sloth [ read more ]

“...though Prologue, a one-page comic in booklet form that unfolds as the plot does, is available online in its entirety, I suggest getting a paper copy, so that you too can find out what comes in small packages.”

Carrie Try Harder for Inkstuds [ read more ]

“Rubenstein's sense of composition is bold and daring, with the calendar format both a problem to solve and the solution to the problem all at once.”

Rob Clough for High-Low [ read more ]

“No matter the setting, he really manages to pack a lot of visual and narrative detail into this story.... The level of detail and the grace of the line is very convincing for the reader.”

Shawn Hoke for Size Matters [ read more ]

“Two of the most interesting comics I picked up at the Stumptown Comic Fest this year...”

Brian for Stumptown Trade Review [ read more ]

this single-sheet "foldy" comic expands as you read it,
unfolding from its 3" x 2" cover page to a 11" x 8.5" final panel.
black and white • $1.50 (shipping and tax included) • ships within a day or so



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