snowy days and sundays

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our d-girl at work.

you’re looking at a hard-won morning off. it’s still in development, but we think we’ve stumbled upon the next pet rock.

:: we’re doing some design work for n.j. punk haven bear bones recording, a job that makes us feel considerably more attractive and better-liked than we in fact are.

bear boneslogothe studio was humbly conceived as a way for its founder, darren golda, to help his friends’ bands make records, but quickly (and for good reason) became a staple of the jersey punk scene. some of our very favorite bands have dropped albums from bear bones, and rumor has it mike hunchback‘s new weird fantasy band and it’s a tiger shark have been rattling around there of late.

:: we’re going to stumptown.

we just got our confirmation e-mail. precedent aside, we’re psyched. there will be new comics to read and old friends to impose upon and jeff fucking smith and we’re not going to let any sour self-important hipsters spoil our mood this year, so haters to the left.

bear boneslogothe festival happens on april 18th and 19th in lovely, nag champa-scented portland, oregon. if you’re in the area, you should come say hi. if not, you should go visit, and come say hi.

:: we’ve been writing a lot of code.

in addition to bear bones and the fine folks over at the green it group (who go live on inauguration day), we got a last-minute call from our friend graham willoughby, who’s down in utah for the second year running. [the design is someone else’s; we just wound it up and made it go.] graham is a documentary cinematographer whose recent success is decidedly well-deserved, and we’re excited to help introduce him to the interworld.

more to come. until then, enjoy the weather systems.

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