the ghost of sundays yet to come



you’re looking at our braintrust, with whom you can become more intimately aquainted in an imminent addition to the oubliette, coming soon to a sunday near you:

april 10th & 11th in new york: the unseasonably early recurrence of the mocca art festival. i’ll be sharing table E14 miss jwith chicago comics superstar neil brideau, on loan from quimby’s for the occasion. in addition to the aforementioned foldy (which, if we’re going to be honest, may or may not be printed and folded in time for this weekend’s festivities) and the rest of my books, i have an illustrated essay appearing in fantastic monsters, a new anthology zine which editor caitlin mcgurk will be debuting at table D27.

miss j

april 24th & 25th in portland, oregon: boy blue & co. return for our third year at the little expo that somehow manages to, the stumptown comics fest, alongside fellow folder josh shalek and special guest grego’.


may 23rd in portland, maine: our first foray to the fledgling (but already well-regarded) maine comics arts festival. despite having missed mecaf’s debut last year, we are extremely excited for this one. mainly because it’s sponsored by shipyard. and man oh man, do we love maine.


so if you find yourself in the vicinity of one of these fine festivals, come chat with us and trade with us and show us what you’ve been up to. we like meeting our friends.

and those reluctant to leave the borough can now find the oubliettes at the one-and-only desert island in williamsburg. (the supply at greenpoint’s word has recently been restocked as well, and all our books, including (the prohibitively large for retail purposes) tick, are always available in our stuff section.)

furthermore, those saddened to learn that 2010 will not see swedish cartoonist frida ulvegren‘s triumphant return to new york can take some solace in knowing dessert island now also boasts a handful of rare english translations of her seminal my stockholm diary among its inventory. the book is both an obvious homage and a deeply personal (confessional even (some might even call it a bit raunchy)) collection of intimate memoir comics that are at turns amusing and unsettling. and if that isn’t awesome, we don’t know what is.

actually, we do: this drawing of me and girlcate frida sent along with her books:

kenan and girlcate by frida ulvegren


  1. You guuuuyyys! I got SO much love for ya! (hehe, raunchy indeed, hehehe)

    • boy blue says:

      hey, we weren’t complaining about the raunch. just giving fair warning to people’s aunts or clergy members who may have happened upon my ‘blog.