the boy blue county sunday telegraph


you’re looking at a completely-i-swear-to-you unphotoshopped john flansburg performing “don’t let’s start”. and as if life weren’t already awesome enough:

the jolly golda:: ephraim rubenstein, beloved client and rumored relation to boy blue enterprises, has an opening thursday night at george billis gallery in chelsea. the show features a number of his haunting used and discarded book paintings, which seem even more impossible in the flesh. further details on his (rather lovely, if we do say so ourselves) site.

:: our old friend and collegiate collaborator “magic” dan “the danimal” kaplan (and if anyone ever warranted two nicknames, this is the chap) rolled into town this week with his new band magnolia to fill the back room at tommy’s with his sweet, sleepy, bostonian brand of (highly effective) make-out music. i recommend track 3, especially if you’re into whoever occupies the next cubicle over.

the jolly golda:: we launched the bear bones website this week. the “sounds” page hosts one of the best playlists we’ve ever stumbled across. also, we are rolling in scene points.

superbowl evasion is the biggest sporting event of our year. be strong, people; don’t falter, don’t fumble.