napoleon of the stumptown

the oubliette: drought

the oubliette: drought, a new romantic misadventure, debuts at this weekend’s 7th annual stumptown comics fest in lovely portland, oregon. my comics, prints, goodies, and i will be at table 99*, alongside the unstoppable josh shalek, whose new falling rock national park collection see america first is not to be missed.

stumptown comics fest 2010
saturday & sunday, april 24th & 25th, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
lloyd center doubletree exhibit hall, 1000 ne multnomah, portland, oregon

[ * please refer to the below map of my northwestern conquest. ]

the oubliette: drought


  1. It was great meeting you at Stumptown yesterday! (My wife and I were the former Greenpoint residents and Peter Pan Coffee fans who were big fans of your stuff.)

    You mentioned you’ve decided on an order to the Oubliette series… Can you remind me what that order is?

    • boy blue says:

      hey adam,

      great meeting you folks, too. for a homebody like me, it’s always a comfort to find fellow greenpointers in unfamiliar places.

      the order of the oubliette comics, so far, is as follows:

      1. the pyramid
      2. on the beach
      3. drought
      4. the market*
      5. [untitled]*
      6. ghosts*
      7. prologue

      * these titles, as you might have noticed, don’t actually exist yet (at least not in a form that would be legible to anyone else). it’s my hope that each issue can stand alone, but that a sequential reading of the series will yield something a bit richer.

      • Neil says:


        Don’t you know a prologue comes BEFORE a story?

        Oh, wait. Are you being “artistic?” Ugh, puke.

        It’s always great to see you, I hope Stumptown was great for you, I know I had fun when I was around you. I’ll be writing up a recap of the weekend tonight, inwhich I will say a lot of terrible things about you.


        • boy blue says:

          it’s like, how one story’s end is just another’s beginning, you know? i have thoughts.

          great to see you, as well, my friend, and to know that my terrible acts warrant retelling.