for claire, whoever that is

claire, whoever that is

this is claire, whom i’ve never met.

her father, doug, with whom i’m only slightly better acquainted, made an absurdly generous contribution to my cat’s mastectomy fund. i can’t really say why; the attached note, written on the reverse of a lovely vermeer print, offered only the following elaboration:

“i have two cats, so i know.”

i can only hope to someday become the kind of person who approaches dim acquaintances with such compassion and generosity.

[ doug is a donor to midnight’s surgery fund. if you made a contribution and are still waiting for your drawing, i appreciate your patience, and assure you, contritely, convincingly, that i will get to it soon. a variation on this drawing can be found below. at first i thought the halftone screen looked kinda cool, and then i thought it looked like a flyer for a progressive trance party in 1998. and then some lingering ghost of a former self got excited to attend such a party, and so i decided, ultimately, to share it with those of you who have actively sought something more intimate than front page me. ]