some days end up here

the oubliette

drought is the newest autobiographical romantic misadventure to wind its un-fortuitous way into the oubliette.

why i’d want to tell you all these things, dear reader, is a mystery even to me, but i suppose i’ll keep drawing them as long as you’re willing to read them. i know i don’t say it often enough, but i can’t tell you how sincerely grateful i am for your readership, you freakin’ voyeur.

“The first four chapters of The Oubliette are a wonderful experiment in delivery, with beautiful artwork and a story worth telling.”

Richard Krauss for Midnight Fiction [ read more ]

single-sheet foldy comic • 3" x 2" folded; 11" x 8.5" unfolded • black and white
$1.50 (shipping and tax included) • ships within a day or so


  1. Max says:

    Just read both Drought and Prologue when staying at a friend’s house in Boston, and I have to say, you do great work.