what’s good about good morning?


my buddy caitlin had a problem. her series of self-published comics, poems, and field guides had begun to attract attention. her mocca table was quickly picked clean, and she was asked to contribute to the forthcoming zinester’s guide to nyc. but at every turn, she encountered the same question: “do you have a ‘blog? where can i find more of your work?”

“i don’t,” she would repeat. “i have a zine, and an address.” caitlin may be young, but she has a crusty old punk heart.

“i love books and hate blogs,” she lamented; she’s just a print kind of kid. she’s a prodigious and prolific zinester. she’s a library scientist who’s helped build and catalogue collections for marvel comics, the center for cartoon studies, and, most recently, a children’s hospital in manhattan. and she’s a festival circuit stalwart who’s driven me and my unsold wares home from the small press expo, outside d.c., at my most exhausted and socially intolerant.

the world needs people like caitlin. and, by extension, people like caitlin need websites. it’s true that, once upon a time, self-publishers reached their readership exclusively via snail-mail and the printed page, but the world, for better or worse, has come to expect a greater level of convenience. and, let’s face it, that never really worked so well in the first place.

so: good morning you is a wordpress site with a custom theme i call “blogophobe.” it’s designed to feel as hand-made and taped-together as possible while still working, and makes heavy use of caitlin’s own handwriting and illustration to that end. it also avoids tell-tale scrollbars with the help of hesido’s flexcroll script.


[ this site was designed and built for caitlin m. of good morning you. (if you’d like an elegant, unique, user-friendly and easily updatable site of your own, don’t hesitate to contact me.) ]



  1. josh says:

    Kenan, that’s beautiful.