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penobscot bay

[ penobscot bay, maine. click to enlarge. ]

i love maine. grego’ and rachael are both mainers, and i spent as much of my early twenties as possible stomping around their homeland, climbing on katahdin and lusting after odd old instruments in bar harbor and drinking pumpkinhead ale in portland and trying to keep my lunch down, or at least inside my own zipper car, at the blue hill fair.

one day, i parked my car, waddled through the late autumn mud, and looked out over penobscot bay.

love is, of course, a funny thing; the circumstances under which it will begin, and those under which it will thrive, so rarely coincide. sooner or later you find yourself considering what’s before you and knowing it would be him/her/here/now, if only it weren’t not.

and so, as is wont to happen, my friends moved away and my rent doubled. i junked my car and let my license expire. i settled into the life that was available to me, a routine full of drawing and thinking and delicious granola but only occasional forays outside my apartment, nevermind my state. these are not regrets, by any means, but, like i said, i have a lot of time to think.

all of which is just to say that, distance be damned, i’ll be exhibiting at portland’s maine comics arts festival on sunday, geeking out about comics, selling my new penobscot bay prints (above and, in detail, below), and flirting (harmlessly, i’ll insist) with the one i got away from.

maine comics arts festival (mecaf) 2010
sunday, may 23rd, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
ocean gateway, portland, maine
$5 / free for kids

penobscot bay detail by kenan rubenstein

signed 11" x 17" cardstock print • $15.00 + $4.50 s&h