on cohabiting with a food blogger

on cohabiting with a food blogger

prints of this comic (in its original configuration; it required a bit of reformatting to be legible here in ‘blogland) are available below. they’re guaranteed to make your kitchen at least 63% more adorable.

the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies in the last panel can be found, along with those for countless other confections, over at afternoons in tablespoons. it’s guaranteed to make your life 116% more delicious. if used in conjunction with a thanksgiving gathering, it is guaranteed to make your republican uncle consider, however fleetingly, the possibility that you may not be entirely devoid of value.

happy autumn.

signed “beep” print • 11″ x 14″ cardstock • color
$10 (plus $4 shipping) • ships within a few days


  1. carrie says:

    So often relationship shorthand looks weird from the outside; yours looks cute. Love that tea kettle.

  2. emiliejolie says:

    Is she wearing a scarf in those panels?? Oh, autumn, I can’t wait to visit you in a few weeks. (Although the morning gray sky and cold air combo seems like it’s going to stick around all day today! It’s put me in a good mood and probably made everyone else in LA depressed.)


  1. […] Well, MOCCA’s over, and, as always, it was a lot of fun. It’s a great chance to see and hang out with really nice, really talented and funny people who you don’t see most of the year and to meet new folks. This year, Tapir Tooth lucked out with the placement fairy and tabled between the NERD comics table (Bree, Ami, Brian Lam) and Meredith Leich and Liana Finck‘s table. On Sunday, we were thrilled to share table space with the wonderful DARWIN CARMICHAEL IS GOING TO HELL webcomics people, Sophie and Jenn. Kenan was a few tables down – he’s got a lovely print of “cohabiting with a food blogger“. […]