on my way home i remember only sundays

post-easter nap

you’re looking at a presumably well-earned post-easter-dinner nap on the train back to the city. apparently, confronting where we come from isn’t going to get easier with age.

mecaf 2011

original portland’s kid-centric and almost preposterously picturesque maine comics arts festival is but three short weeks away. i’ll be tabling with my buddy hugh tims, who’ll debut the much-anticipated second issue of lightning duck, bursting at the staples with a brand new adventure of the world’s rockingest animeople and a guest pin-up by yours, truly.

sunday, may 22nd, 2011
ocean gateway, portland, maine
$5 (free for kids under 12)

fair warning: this festival is going to be so dense with talent it may very well explode. but out over the water, where it can’t harm the rest of the city, and will likely look quite lovely.

it’s been too long, maine.

pete's mini zine fest

the following weekend, i’ll be back home in king’s county for the recurrence of my favorite 2010 event: pete’s mini zinefest, at pete’s candy store in williamsburg. the bad news: it’s not actually a candy store. the good news: it is actually a bar and music venue with a glorious backyard, perfect for nursing a drink and flipping through some locally self-published bits of amazing.

pete’s mini zine fest
saturday, may 28th, 2011
pete’s candy store
109 lorimer street, brooklyn, ny
so totally free.

if you can think of a better way to spend a spring afternoon, we probably wouldn’t get along.

if there is one thing, dear reader, at which i am truly exceptional, it is evading evidence of my own mediocrity.

take, for example, the sketch atop this post. i’m trying to teach myself to use a brush; my comics thus far have been inked with pens and markers in a time-consuming fashion intended to give the impression of brushness without my having to submit to the terrifying loss of control. i designated a sketchbook as brush-only and resolved to fill it, but did not begin doing so until i found myself aboard a train rattling and wobbling its way up the north jersey coast line. in the likely event of my drawings being terrible, i would have circumstance to blame it on.

if i saw you at one of the last month’s string of festivals, you likely inquired as to the whereabouts of a new comic. in fact, there are several, all in various states of partial completion, where they remain safely brilliant and utterly without flaws.

it’s true there’s been a lot going on, unexpected distractions, and ends have not been easily met. but who couldn’t say as much? i’ll admit, because i so value our open and honest relationship, that the primary obstacle here is fear that my ideas, once concretely manifested, may not be so wonderful as i imagine them.

nonetheless: i am trying to complete some of these long-gestating projects for the aforementioned festivals. if i do so, i hope you’ll stop by to check them out. if i don’t, you should probably just give up on me already.