study break

study break

girlcate is taking her final “1L” exam today.

final final?” my mother inquired. “this is the very last one?” her excitement inspired my own to ebb somewhat; i would be losing, for the summer months, my least assailable excuse for not showing up to things.

“last ever,” i assured her. “then i’m making her quit law school.”

“oh no you’re not.” even when mom suspects i’m joking, she knows not to put ideas past me on the sheer basis of their idiocy.

“i am,” i insisted.

“no, kenan.”

“i hate it.”

“i know, honey,” and she does, having herself once loved a student of the law, “but you can’t both stay home.” my mother, to her credit, tries to believe that my work constitutes a job. she just doesn’t try very hard. “besides, you’re made for that kind of life. cate isn’t.”

i suppose the affectionate presentation of unwelcome truths is one of those skills i’ll pick up when i’m a mother.

incidentally, i more-or-less finished the pencils for a new comic today. it won’t be completed in time for mecaf, but it may, at some point, be completed. but, you know, no promises.

study break


  1. Neil says:

    So excited for this! Congratulations on finishing the pencils. Make sure you’re spending quality time with your drawings, and having fun! We’re eager to see new stuff by you, but we’re willing to wait so you can do what you love.

  2. Liz V says:

    You, know, I think the affectionate presentation of unwelcome truths is something we should all learn well before motherhood…ideally before middle school.