what’s sunday but a second-hand saturday?

nap time

you’re looking at the lost art of sleeping in. it’s not something we’ve ever been any good at, but we’re happy when those around us are doing it.

the custom can be observed in greater detail in our sketchbook.

the five-page folded mini-comic (the format devised for our oubliette comics) has a new home. the first non-us contributer, oregon’s own reid psaltis, has submitted three crazy impressive comics to help us kick off. why not give it a try and show us what you come up with?

minicomics aficionado whitey has added a flattering review of “prologue” to the kenan page at optical sloth.

we’ve joined the leadership group of act now, a new york-based grassroots mobilization organization that works to elect progressive candidates to offices small and large phone banking for marriage equalityacross the city, state, and nation, and to hold them to their words once they get there. at present, we’re fighting to push the same-sex marriage and affordable housing bills through the current inanity in albany. there are phone banks four nights a week in manhattan for those interested in helping out. we have fun, and there are doughnuts.

yes, yes, we understand; it’s not normally our style either. we’re generally content to sit and complain, to stew in our frustration that there’s so little we can do about anything. but we’ve decided to experiment with doing what little we can.

if nothing else, it helps us sleep easier.