thunderbolts and lightning

lightning duck pin-up

the worst consequence of missing mecaf this year was forfeiting my spot alongside hugh tims, a delightful artist/self-publisher/gent who lives and draws and farms and teaches yoga and various martial arts in rural maine. ancillary perks foregone include the pleasure of his company, soaking in his wood-burning jacuzzi, and getting my hands on the new issue of lightning duck.

to my surprise and delight, lightning duck issue 2: day of the alien materialized in my mailbox last week. building on the playful carl-barks-meets-stan-lee adventure times of the debut issue, it introduces an enigmatic new villain, details several other invasive species found in the great state of maine, and includes a guest “pin-up” [ above ] drawn by an incredibly flattered me.

i was reared on fowl-based adventure comics, and twenty year ago, this was the sort of thing i expected to spend my adult life drawing. and it struck me as a good opportunity to learn from an admired peer; hugh’s characters are brilliantly, almost classically designed and uncannily expressive.

excited as i was to be asked, however, it proved a harrowing request to fulfill. my cautious fingers can’t keep up with hugh’s kinetic illustrations and bold linework. i fussed and fidgeted and erased and missed my deadline. fortunately, hugh was also behind schedule, and i managed to get him the page before the issue went to press.

seeing my simple homage tucked in among the pages of this most excellent comic, the stress and self-doubt announce themselves to be just an inevitable part of the process, and a small price to pay for the honor.

lightning duck pin-up, initial sketch