who told tomorrow sunday’s dead?


you’re looking at joe’s computer. everybody has one: it’s the single common task or everyday object you simply can’t fathom, despite your generally impressive intellect and your aptitude for any number of similar and demonstrably more complex pursuits. your joe’s computer may be paying the bills, or html, or kids today. ours is shoelaces.

our friend, co-conspirator, and role model neil brideau (pronounced like credo or libido or charlito, no matter what the latter might tell you), sock-monsterthe gentle genius behind sock-monster, has begun planning a minicomics show in chicago for next year. preliminary details can be read, commented upon, and further developed on the indie spinner rack forum. go help one if the coolest guys you’d ever want to know put up the coolest show to which you’ll ever go. (we’d do it ourselves, but online message boards are our joe’s computer.)

sheepish johanswedish cartoonist johan jergner-ekervik has begun chronicling his his trip to new york for the mocca festival in a comics travel journal on his ‘blog. and, at our request, he’s been graciously including english translations. (we would try to struggle through the swedish with the help of google translate if we could, but we just can’t. swedish is our joe’s computer.) it’s pretty and funny and fun and highly recommended.

one of said travel journal’s primary players, fellow comiceur frida ulvegren, has also been documenting the trip on her ‘blog.dancing squirrel in the first five all-too-brief installments of what i assume will be a 326-part series, she’s already befriended a dancing squirrel, stumbled upon the fabled location of the world’s greatest breakfast, and found a nice place to sit (which makes our heart swell with envy and admiration; we suck at sitting still). but my favorite part is when she and johan encounter those two mysterious and adorable brooklyn hipsters….

this week in the boy blue book club, we’re wandering wide-eyed through mcsweeney’s 31, and anthology of forgotten forms and new attempts to resurrect them. we can’t help but feel someone assembled this volume just for us. although, to be honest, we feel that way at least four times a year.

some day we’re going to gather the courage to send something their way. we hope. courage isn’t really one of our features.

oubliette layout pageslook, it’s not easy to face one’s flaws, and we’re not about to suggest otherwise. but doing so can have its benefits; at the very least, it usually makes for a good story. we’re speaking from experience, here: we’ve faced ours. they’re touch-typing, and shuffling, and we kinda suck at beating batter.

we’re also not brilliant at frisbee, and we’re still confused about twitter, and that godawful vocoder-y autotune effect everyone’s using, and we also have a preternatural ability to kill plants.joe’s vine (the lovely living vine seen here owes its vitality to being the aforementioned joe‘s; gardening is among the seemingly endless string non-binary pursuits for which the man has tremendous natural aptitude.)

but we’re working on all those things. we’re also working on all these things, and feeling cautiously excited about the enterprises. we sometimes worry that we shouldn’t share them before they’re completed, but then counter-worry you might never see them at all, because honestly, what are the odds of us ever finishing any of this stuff?

stuff is our joe’s computer.

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