the best laid sundays

paola, isaac’s bearded dragon

you’re looking at paola, our baby brother’s bearded dragon. we are, as yet, unable to properly capture her awesomeness. but we plan to keep trying.

of course, plans go awry:

the new book won’t be ready for s.p.x. this weekend, and we, in turn, won’t be exhibiting. it was supposed to be done a good while ago, but you know how rarely things do what they’re supposed to do. (take, for example, our eyes, which are supposed to focus on what is set before them, but which have, for several weeks now, stubbornly refused to do so.)

we’ll still be in bethesda for the weekend, roaming the floor like a civilian, spending money we don’t have, hanging out with the dashing gentlemen of table W18, and generally geeking out. we’ve actually never enjoyed these festivals quite so much as we did before they became venues for self-promotion, and we’re kind of excited. certainly, excitement is warranted.

furthermore: you’ve likely heard that mocca, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to move its annual festival to the same weekend as the stumptown comics fest. we don’t doubt they had their reasons. and whatever they are, we hate those reasons, as they have resulted in the cancellation of our annual spring excursion to portland. we are distraught, we are un-moored, we are lost and confused. but we’ll see you and your hazy bridges and your rainwashed streets and your endless supply of brilliant comics in 2013, we suppose.

that’s the plan, anyway.

paola, isaac’s bearded dragon