Last Train to Old Town

last train to old town

for the last two years, i’ve been developing and drawing a new comic called last train to old town. i’m ready to show it to you guys now.

it has its very own website, updated with a new page every wednesday (currently there are six), where you can read the comic with flyout maps, author annotations, and reader comments (do leave some of your own, if you’re so inclined). the entire first chapter (24 pages with a map and other goodies) is also collected into a lovingly hand-made, full-color physical book, available now(-ish; i sold out of the first batch at MICE this weekend but another is on the way).

take a look and let me know what you think.

p.s.: old town has already gotten a nice preliminary write-up from the fine folks at stumptown trade review. and if you’d like to see what self-publishing looks like, the one and only cara bean has documented a bit of chapter one’s book-assembling process on her blog.

p.p.s.: you can subscribe to old town (rss or e-mail), just like you do with this site (rss, e-mail).

“Last Train to Old Town is everything that is right with comics. It is well-written, superbly illustrated, and takes chances. Rubenstein could have left this as a story about bullying. We all would have nodded our heads, agreed it was sad, and then moved on. However, he has taken a risk and moved it beyond the obvious, beyond the mundane. Isn't that what we have been waiting for all along? Isn’t that what we were all waiting for all those afternoons in the cafeteria? Something new and exciting to happen? Last Train to Old Town is that new and exciting.”

Brian for Stumptown Trade Review [ read more ]

24 full-color pages plus goodies, hand-bound between sexy grey cardstock covers with a mounted image, craft endpapers. Signed & personalized. • $10.00 + shipping.