some days end up here:

the oubliette

there’s something new in the oubliette.

on the beach can be purchased below, or read on the five-page folded mini-comic website.

“The first four chapters of The Oubliette are a wonderful experiment in delivery, with beautiful artwork and a story worth telling.”

Richard Krauss for Midnight Fiction [ read more ]

“Kenan has a clear mastery of drawing naked people...”

Whitey for Optical Sloth [ read more ]

“Rubenstein's sense of composition is bold and daring, with the calendar format both a problem to solve and the solution to the problem all at once.”

Rob Clough for High-Low [ read more ]

“No matter the setting, he really manages to pack a lot of visual and narrative detail into this story.... The level of detail and the grace of the line is very convincing for the reader.”

Shawn Hoke for Size Matters [ read more ]

“Two of the most interesting comics I picked up at the Stumptown Comic Fest this year...”

Brian for Stumptown Trade Review [ read more ]

this single-sheet "foldy" comic expands as you read it,
unfolding from its 3" x 2" cover page to a 11" x 8.5" final panel.
black and white • $1.50 (shipping and tax included) • ships within a day or so



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  2. […] face, while undoubtedly distinct, is surpassingly pretty. (his butt, on view in “on the beach,” isn’t bad either.) i was at liberty to draw the truth. the challenge was to reduce […]