just another manic sunday

dill in the window

you’re looking at dill, our new friend and first foray into urban ecology.  we’re working around the clock to develop innovative new ways not to kill it, confident that, if successful, deliciousness will ensue.

:: the first two oubliettes are discussed in a recent podcast (at roughly 44:00, if you’re pressed for time) from the stumptown trade review, which includes their round-up of the 2009 stumptown comics fest and a fascinating interview with jeff smith.  (the s.t.r. folks also posted a deeply flattering written review of those books a couple weeks back.)


:: and next up is mocca, the best of all possible festivals, on june 6th and 7th at the lexington armory in manhattan.  i’ll be there with a stack of tick and a box of oubliettes, and, if the fates allow, some other goodies as well.

there are changes afoot, most notably the size of the show and its reportedly spacious new digs, so it’s hard to know just what to expect.  but if history tells us anything, it is surely this: whatever the weather, mocca will rock.

:: this week in the boy blue book club, we’re jaunting through everything was fine until whatever, a seductive collection of epistolary blips and elegant baubles by chelsea martin, who claims residency in oakland but seems in fact to hail from the sliver of disputed territory between the kingdoms of gertrude stein and miranda july.  you can acquaint yourself with some of her dizzy logic and intoxicating (intoxicated?) turns of phrase over at jerk ethics.

this morning’s paper is not helping with our recently exacerbated portland-lust. and while we well know that tourism is not to be confused with living, we can’t shake the feeling that things, be they sidewalks or days or the urban grid or the five-borough bike tour, have become unreasonably crowded and unsustainably stressful.

but even as the lungs constrict, we feel our branches bend toward the available shafts of sunlight, and are reminded that, no matter the clutter, there’s always room for growth.