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eliyanna kaiser, a writer of fictions, described to me the illustration she envisioned spanning the head of her new website. it was to be a portrait of the author at work, surrounded by, perhaps receiving counsel from, the archetypes of the genres in which she works: a fantastic fairy, a scientifically fictitious robot, a horrible vampire.

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what’s good about good morning?


my buddy caitlin had a problem. her series of self-published comics, poems, and field guides had begun to attract attention. her mocca table was quickly picked clean, and she was asked to contribute to the forthcoming zinester’s guide to nyc. but at every turn, she encountered the same question: “do you have a ‘blog? where can i find more of your work?”

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exit alli

alli on exit

alli left yesterday for johannesburg. girlcate made oatmeal chocolate chip coconut cookies and we ran them through the rain. we sat on suitcases drinking wine out of waterglasses while alli loaded our bags with leftover pasta and jars of things. it was that kind of day.

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hanging around the n.f.g. offices

ian at n.f.g.

some days there’s time to kill, but in this case it was d.o.a.

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boxing’s been good to me, howard.


i don’t like to put words in the mouths of strangers, but it strikes me as possible that the look on this woman’s face may have been related in some way to her position in the audience of a knockout queens boxing match at one in the morning.

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afternoons in tablespoons

afternoons in tablespoons

my first foray into food porn: an image-intensive ‘blog i built to showcase cate’s engrossing (engorging?) adventures in baking. maintaining and illustrating this site is probably the most enjoyable job i’ve ever had. and the pay is delicious.

save the cartoonists

reception forest

this is the desk where i worked, answering phones and sorting mail, while tick was being printed.

should storyboarding be considered a form of torture?

real estate agents

these are storyboards i drew for a recruitment video for the hudson valley’s prudential-searles real estate agency, produced by wicked east productions.

katonah sales agent