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  • Ephraim Rubenstein Ephraim Rubenstein ○ as a kid, i figured my uncle’s talent was probably hereditary. you can follow the link to see just how wrong i was.
    [ site by boy blue ]
  • Good Morning You Good Morning You ○ comics and such by caitlin m., indomitable zinestress and rockstar librarian.
    [ site by boy blue ]
  • Idiots’ Books ○ the clever and comely collaborative creations of matthew and robbi, who run this small press out of their maryland barn. they make some of my favorite things.
  • johan jergner ekervik ○ a humblingly talented cartoonist and gracious houseguest.
  • Min Stockholmsdagbok ○ the ‘blog of stockholm-based cartoonist, world-traveler, and champion coffee enthusiast frida ulvegren. like julie ducet, but sunnier.
  • One More Night of Concrete Winter Dreaming ○ ursula is an artist and writer of uncommon nuance and intimacy.
  • Sock-Monster ○ neil brideau's brilliant single-panel webcomic about a community of reflective, self-doubting, philosophizing grotesques.
  • Tanveer Badal Photography ○ a breathtaking and envy-inducing photoblog maintained by my favorite wedding chronicler, travel pornographer, and life beautifier.
  • The Five-Page Folded Mini-Comic The Five-Page Folded Mini-Comic ○ an online anthology of single sheet comics, in the manner of the oubliette.
    [ site by boy blue ]
  • Tiktaalik by Reid Psaltis ○ either reid discovered a lost ancient magic red sable brush with mysterious inking powers, or he's just much more talented than the rest of us. who can say for certain?

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  • Dory Kornfeld Dory Kornfeld [ patron ] ○ the thoughtful, crafty, and eclectic ‘blog of the eccentric designer and urban planner-to-be.
  • michael joyce ○ the web non-presence of the author and hypertext innovator.

○ edible ○

  • Afternoons in Tablespoons Afternoons in Tablespoons ○ this blog makes me fat.
    [ site by boy blue ]
  • Silver Forge Farm ○ a friendly family farm in central jersey providing organic vegetables, free-range dairy, homespun wonders, and the occasional inclination to move back home.
  • SoupCycle ○ delicious organic soup delivered to your door by bicycle, if you’re in portland, or. i live on this stuff when i’m there, and dream of it while i’m away.
  • The Lovely Ride ○ emiliejolie, the founder of greenpoint's dearly missed soup night and mccarren market stalwart (emerita), explores the intersection of food and community and whatever else happens into her path. now with temperate weather and extra sunshine!